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Toltac® the system


The strength of Toltac® system is the simplicity. All its fantastic features are due to a peculiar mechanical choice which allows the user keeping the same operative way as in the freehand surgery, but with a safe guide: the drills are guided from their neck, not from their cutting portion.

And this is made possible by only two simple and inexpensive components, the Toltac® driver and the Toltac® guide.

Toltac componenti.jpg

Toltac® guide


dima Toltac.jpg

After the planning with a common planning software, made by the surgeon himself or by Toltac® authorized consultants, a template with Toltac® guides in the positions planned for the implants is printed.

During surgery, two options of  Toltac® driver are available according the mouth's opening of the patient. The surgeon tests the access with the Toltac®standard driver; if the access is difficult he can fix on the drill the  Toltac®flat driver and enter by side into the  Toltac®guide. 


 Toltac®standard driver

(for use in case of normal mouth's opening)

Toltac driver unidirezionale.jpg

The  Toltac® standard driver enters by side in the widened portion of the guide, then runs into the rail keeping the drill aligned with the planned implant site. The surgeon just needs to press the drill along the allowed direction.


Toltac®flat driver

(for use in case of dramatically limited mouth's opening)

Toltac driver piatto.jpg

The  Toltac®flat driver may enter by side in the rail of the guide. In order to let the drill follow the planned direction, the surgeon must play an active part and keep the driver on the bottom of the rail during the whole time of the drilling, but he is always leaded by the contact between flat driver and guide. This option allows use of Toltac®precision milling surgery also when the mouth's opening is strongly limited, because the driver can approach the guide also if the drill is almost in contact with the bone, like with freehand technique, and the occupied space is the minimum one suitable for implantology.

In other words, if there is no space enough to use the Toltac®flat driver, there is no space for implantology...

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